Modest Mouth Mixtape

by Beatox

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released December 15, 2013



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Track Name: Let's Play Destiny
let's play destiny pass me the headset

Smoked an ounce weed can't believe I aint dead yet

When you look at me and see if my eyes are red yet
While youre staring please call my hairstyle bedhead

Rare style egg bread, chalaaa

Air miles to anywhere ill just holllaaa

Im Bear wild youre scared ill just tear tiles off bare walls
Shhh, don't be scare child, did you hear that down the hall?

there was a knock knock
, ya whos there?

It's who you really are and Its too scared 

To be itself through stares

Make people jump two stairs at a time
to snares and rhyme

well who cares what I rhyme
theres a lot of time we do spare what a crime
who bears the bear better chain whatever it's fair game I noticed that your hair changed or maybe it's tie dye
I, do whatever I like, wise guy eyes wide open onto my muay thai
get off of my wifi
or I'll make your wife cry
while sipping on white wine
no need for a lifeline
cause i love being the bad guy
nobody expects me to win I just ride by and high five
deprive you of my prize. so high I just might die
But life is like a bike ride I liked it right when I tried
pedal to the metal on this rental
it's not sentimental but it's a subtle metal
with bright lights
glide right to left, ride to cleft
so high when I go and write to this rift
Track Name: I Don't Mind Dreams
some people call it destiny
or maybe god is really just testing me
but that would be stressing me
and I confess that religion's no necessity
so instead I invest in green
every night right before I set to sleep
take a big RIP so that I can see,
close my eyes then I'll rest in peace
See I don't mind to dream

I just forget some things and then i need reminding

So can you please remind me

What we were just doing and keep on doing 
for the time being

Cause there's some shit that I wish I could undo

It may sound cheesy but life is just like fondue

and we can hit the bong too if u want to

Naw that's not me got the wrong dude

Cause I'm a bit of a dear guy

I keep my friends close and my enemies
So if you're giving me a weird eye, you clearly fear I
will turn you into mere pie

Cause you're so soft you belong in the toaster
Bunch of squareheads, me I'm a samosa

Drinks on me like a coaster
by looking at my poster
girls think of me mosta

cause they know I got mean throw
 I can kick it like robinho or even ronaldhino

Mess with me you better the whole team yo

And judging by my lingo might think I was latino

but I'm just kickin it with ballinelli 

Score and do a sick celi show them the remix kelly
too much jelly with nelly furtado
in the mercialogo ended up in Chicago
Track Name: Fact of Fiction
It's a fact this is fiction
I can't stop laughing I'm stitchin
This track's really bitchin (biiitchiiin)
Okay let's switch positions cause I wanna listen
But shit, I don't wanna switch positions
I sneak in during intermission.
Just don't get caught, fishin. Who's the randal snitchin?
It's game over like I caught the snitch, and you're twitchin
Cause I'm the best witch in the kitchen.
Glitching, clenching, wrenching em off
Benching impossible weight, wait didn't mention (What's that?)
That I am impossible and brave, hid you fossils away
in that philosophical way.
See I'm unreal, a fable.
Anne of green gables eating custard off my table
Playing fable 2 when I'm able to
spin the dradle too, knock over the cradle who's
I'm near perfect and not even trying
I'm pretty certain that you're all really dying
and if I said that I cared, I'd be lying
Time to take off, hands to the sky flying (SUPER MAN)
Oh we got ourselves a shootout
too slow, pick a new route. Destination Scooby Doo's house
To smoke a doob and a noob, in halo 2 then zoom out
Shit, I dunno what Imma do now!
Track Name: Keepin It Kool
See I want to save a life
walk to say I tried
talk like it's alright
but smoke pot late at night

Im cooler than lemon murang
kool in the gang meeting zeus and lu kang
or maybe even wootang
while Youre bruce wayne
holding two chains and some loose change
Truth is I just never lose games
You choose lanes, I drive
youre too lame Im hype
Youre a hacked Playstaion network
While me, I'm Xbox live
See I'm always on my mac, you're a window
You think slow, pink bow while I win though
Your Playstation stays stationary
While me, I drive a nice 64 nintendo
Maybe an enzo, a benzo
Take a quick pic but where did my lens go?
And we can go and head to my rent's home
but I spent all my rent so we chilled in the tent yo

I attack with a hatchet, I hack it
to match it attached is an avalanche jacket
on my back it read it out sakic
and on the front mother fucker says bad shit
my tale ends great, it aint tragic
make magic by egg cracking, leg snapping
head trapping on train tracks and
8 tracks of 8 tracks intergalactic, planetary
not that kind that you can find in a fairy
weary weary, come on now fear me
weirdly scary not one of an ordinary
Me voldemort you're more like Hairy
but my
Avada kedavra would've had you buried
When I
cast the smoke my dros for the mary type
flow til I'm get scary high, while I'm floating on cherry wine
feeling so very fine, while posting on every vine

Say I want to save a life
walk to say I tried
talk like it's alright
but smoke pot late at night
Say I want to save a life
walk to say I tried
talk like it's alright
but smoke pot late at night

See I'm the one, neo
having fun drinking mio
you see nothing on but my speed-o
I'm a real fun guy when I speed on by
people hear about me they say he's neato
You do this for sake bra?
I do it for the steak bra
I never make mistakes bra
Keep it real no fake bras
make raw music, and then eat it with this great straw
Its a rat trap for all the trap rappers
Ritz Cheese crackers, shit ill even eat the wrappers
Yall are soul sappers im a toe tappers 
Do full snapper get the goal after
You seem so low, well come and hang in the rafters
Need a quick shock, ill give you the rapture 
Make a quick pose and ill impose with a capture
No matter the show, you should know I'm the actor
Track Name: Toad
I don't think you're ready for it
gone in a blink, ya that's metaphoric
can't get recorded
might be reported
leave you left in bones ya prehistoric
was eating at fork in the road I'm a dork with the flow
ya I be rhetoric
like cb4, whenever I'm in the court
but before he went to florida
Miami, not important
So there he was Tim Hortons at four in the morning
placing an order for four just to go from the store
and then a ford's when all of sudden dark forms
come on in through the front door man
went a little hulk, Edward Norton
I don't give a fuck, Edward Norton
got them jumping up Air Jordan
Always know whats up, Clairvoyant
snare going hair flowing
as I hit the air horn
flare glowing chair throwing
what do you think you're staring for
one of a kind i'm a rare born
now flying like I'm airborne
or legolas and aragorn (or Jason Bourne)
said fuck it I don't care anymore
I'll even dance in any store
run outside through any storm
in the beach or sandystorm
transform to any form
I knew there would many more
so I took off with my candy corn
Now I feel like argo in fargo
wearing cargo with no cargo
watching the cars go cause I got no car yo
unless you're counting on my mario kart flow
Track Name: In The Burbs
I'm in the burbs bumping urban
in the suburban drinking bourbon
now i'm burping and I'm certain
that some vermin type of serpent
is lurking while the beat's perking
if you're knees working well then just keep twerking
till be they be hurting
then peace, we deserting
sweet, like desserting
and these bees just be chirping
i mean the birds chirping
nerds jerking, words lurking
add a little derka derka
okay you can stop twerking

Cause I'm another level, too strong
much higher than what you on
I'm that missing ingredient in the green, a crouton
Jacking your queen on my king sized fouton
pink bright louis viton then we turn the movie on
Next we got to doing the things that to you think could be wrong
but come on now flaunt it, it's what I've wanted
it's killing me, I'm haunted, she said let's go, then we jaunted
cause my flow can make you move we're in juliard
stop acting like a noob and showing me you truly are
I should take a broom to this room
then presume to zoom and go shoot
cause you knoe that I'm a movie star

I've been around world from fiji to france
Smoking weed in the vans
Put my feet in these vans
and then we can all proceed to dance
all proceeds go to cancer
I'm a really nice dancer
Well that came out of nowhere
Ya I dunno where I was headed but I am sure that we will go there
Put on ratted clothes ya these gloves are my old pair
But every time I wear them though I seem to get a bold glare
Like I'm the mayor smooth like John Mayer
everyone grooves to the move of my hair
lose I don't care, do it I dare you
step right on up to the booth be aware to
don't stare
colder than polar bear
your toes just froze nose closed
whenever you blow air
shoulda stayed home there
under the warm stairs
watching Colbert with your au pair
when out of nowhere
I appeared with a weird beard like an ogre
haggard like haggard not feelings sober
keeling on floor watching ceilings turn over and over